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2 Questions with Dirty Dishes

eric obenauf

Dirty Dishes is a tremendous band that we're thrilled to be bringing back to Columbus to perform at The Flyover Fest. They're on the bill on Friday night, May 12, at the Pabst Stage, alongside Leggy, WV White, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, and Correy Parks. (Get yo tix or passes now!) Not only that, frontwoman Jenny Tuite will performing solo as Cloud Cover at Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair on Saturday, May 13.

Here are two questions with Dirty Dishes:

Q: You recently released a 7" with UK label Punk Fox Records, sold almost exclusively in the UK. How did that opportunity come about? Did you feel any disconnect with the record being sold mostly overseas? Any UK tour plans?

Punk Fox is an awesome little UK label that does exclusively 7” physical releases only. They do it as a labor of love, and are concerned only about the music they put out, not the image or how well they think it will sell. In fact they usually don’t even include the name of the band on the front cover, they just want people to happen upon it in stores and be intrigued enough to take a chance on it, so they make it really about the listener and getting good music out there. They hit us up after our Nylon feature last summer and said they wanted to do a release. I thought it was an awesome opportunity, not only because I loved how the label was run, but because it gave us an opportunity to provide a release to our UK fans. We’ve had some people over there that have listened to us and supported us for a long time, and have had to pay around $20 or more in shipping just to order our record which I think is awful! I feel so bad every time we have to tell people how much overseas shipping is. So finally this was a way to have something available to them, as well as to an audience of new people that otherwise wouldn’t have been reached. We would absolutely love to tour over there, we’ve been trying to figure out logistically how we can make that happen.

Q: You were on a pretty lengthy tour in March, how was that experience? What do you like to read / listen to / do to pass time on the road?

That’s such a good question! We spend so much time in a van just sitting and not getting a lot of sleep on tour. It can make you feel like you’re going a bit brain dead. I like to listen to Podcasts and audiobooks in attempt to stay lucid. There’s a really good podcast called “She Does” that matches an artist with a musician really well and do episodes based around that. The interviewers are Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, who are both wonderful documentary filmmakers. I follow Open Culture on twitter which is always posting really fascinating things to listen to. Recently our pal Cliff that has a radio show out of Pensacola sent us a ton of books and audiobooks to listen too. We have a P.O. box now so people have been sending us cool stuff! He gave me a few books last time we were on tour there too, so cool. Long car rides give us a chance to check out new albums in full, or catch up on albums we’ve been meaning to listen to. We spent a good amount or time listening to Autolux and Radiohead. When we run out of ideas we listen to random stuff on Spotify, but we don’t like that it posts publicly what you listen to, because sometimes we’ll end up listening to weird stuff if we have to get through a long late night drive. I’m pretty sure Jock Jams happened a few times.  

Dirty Dishes will be performing Friday night, May 12, at the Pabst Stage, alongside Leggy, WV White, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, and Correy Parks. (Get yo tix or passes now!)