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Musical acts performing at Flyover 2019.


From their home base in Tulsa, Oklahoma, BRONCHO have a unique vantage point from which to survey the sins of the heartland. Churning out thoughtful, nuanced rock and roll with an art school spirit and a punk rock heart since 2010, the band’s fourth album, “Bad Behavior,” finds them leaning into their strengths for their strongest effort yet. Following the catchy, playful vibe of previous albums “Can’t Get Past the Lips” (2011) and “Just Enough Hip to Be Woman” (2014), as well as the deliberate sonic intent of 2016’s sludgy, moodier art piece “Double Vanity,” the new record reveals BRONCHO’s fly-on-the-crumbling-wall vision of our moral climate, complete with a re-energized, accessible sound and the charmingly sardonic, smiling-while-sneering delivery of singer and band leader Ryan Lindsey. If you want to catch a whiff of Bad Behavior, simply stick your head out the window and breathe.

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Michael Christmas.jpg

“The Boston rapper MICHAEL CHRISTMAS stands out in an era of icy trap beats and rowdy Soundcloud rappers. He dares to make music that’s warm, goofy, and self-aware, drawing his inspiration from stand-up comics as much as his fellow rappers.” —Pitchfork

Born and raised in Boston, Michael Christmas began his career as a rapper in his early teens and went on to release his debut mixtape, “Is This Art?,” at age 19 in February 2014. His latest album, “Role Model,” dropped in 2018 and preceded a tour with Matt and Kim, Vintage Lee, and Sylvan LaCue.

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SAMMUS (Enongo Lumumba-Kasongo) is an Ithaca-raised, Philadelphia-based rap artist, producer, and PhD student in the Department of Science & Technology Studies at Cornell University. Known as much for her rousing stage presence as she is for her prowess as a beatmaker and lyricist, Sammus has spent the past several years cultivating a strong following of activists, hip hop heads, punks, and self-identified nerds and geeks, among others. As noted by the Los Angeles Times, Sammus “has a gift for getting a message across.” Having recently made her Don Giovanni debut (while remaining tied to NuBlack Music Group), she is poised to cement herself as an artist who consistently thinks outside boxes and dances across lines (and does other neat things with geometrical figures). Enongo has produced articles for publications such as Bitch, For Harriet, Sounding Out!, and The Mary Sue related to issues of race, hip-hop, gaming, and feminism.

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BARRIE is your new favorite dream-pop band from all over the world.” —The Fader

Inclusivity is at the heart of Barrie, the Brooklyn five-piece made of Barrie Lindsay, Dominic Apa, Spurge Carter, Sabine Holler and Noah Prebish. And on their debut LP “Happy To Be Here,” their multidimensional take on classic pop sounds awake and present, like a group that’s daydreaming but firmly there with one another. Barrie, the band, is primarily Lindsay’s project; on the record, which she co-produced with Jake Aron (Snail Mail, Solange, Grizzly Bear), Lindsay plays guitar, piano, synth and bass. But still, Barrie is distinctly not a solo project, and “Happy To Be Here”—out May 3, 2019 via Winspear—is very much a full band record.

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Bonny Doon.jpg

BONNY DOON is at once jagged and unfinished, languid and detail-oriented, restless and at peace.” —Pitchfork

Bonny Doon emerged in 2014, its four members pivoting away from their punk origins to create something restrained and steeped in contemplation, developing a sound indebted as much to musical touchstones like Neil Young and the Silver Jews as it was to the emotional landscapes of their always changing hometown of Detroit.

The band recently completed a string of North American west coast dates as the opening act AND as Crutchfield’s Waxahatchee backing band in February and March ‘19.

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Free Cake for Every Creature.jpg

FREE CAKE FOR EVERY CREATURE is a pop band currently based in Philadelphia. Beginning as the secret home-recording project of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Katie Bennett, the band has since expanded to include a rotating cast of colorful friends and musicians. Inspired by the DIY ethos of bands like Beat Happening and Rose Melberg, Katie & the cakes have self-booked numerous tours across America, taking pictures and posting online journal entries of their explorations along the way.

In April 2016 the band released their first record, “Talking Quietly of Anything With You,” which Pitchfork praised, saying it “represents Bennett as a singular songwriter, one who’s able to transmute her influences—K Records’ ramshackle charm, Yo La Tengo’s slower, stiller moments—into pithy, affecting turns of phrase.” Their latest full-length release, “The Bluest Star,” was named a top-50 album of 2018 by Rolling Stone.

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Paul Cherry.jpg

PAUL CHERRY's smooth and psychedelic debut album is a weirdo-pop gem.” —Noisey

Paul Cherewick, monikered Paul Cherry, came up during Chicago’s garage rock golden age of 2014. Despite being in the thick of the DIY scene with up and coming bands such as Twin Peaks and The Lemons, Paul would abandon the all too familiar lofi rock sound of his first EP “on Top” and spend the next 2 years exploring the nuances of jazz and pop, finding his footing with a new sound.

Paul Cherry crafts melodies on “Flavour” that sit at the intersection of 1970s yacht rock and Ariel Pink’s lo-fi dream pop. Lyrically, Cherry touches upon millennial culture with references to love in the modern age, phone culture, and giving a conceptually new light-hearted twist to age old themes of love lost, missed connections and polar political climates.

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"TASHA makes wondrous, gentle soul that advocates for self-care." —Pitchfork

On her debut album “Alone At Last,” Tasha celebrates the radical political act of being exquisitely gentle with yourself. For years, the Chicago songwriter has dreamed hard of a better world—she's worked with the local racial justice organization Black Youth Project 100 and has been on the front lines at protests around the city. But as she returned to the guitar she began exploring the ways music can be a powerful force for healing. It might not fix a deeply broken world all by itself, but it can offer comfort and respite for those who, like her, dare to imagine a thriving future.

Across “Alone At Last's” seven tracks, Tasha sings mantras of hope and restoration over lush guitar lines inspired by the stylings of Nai Palm and Lianne La Havas—both artists who, like Tasha, opt for a sweetness in their playing over the masculinized bravado that often accompanies the electric guitar. In the world she conjures within the album, there's plenty of room to forge your own home where you can rejuvenate and heal—where you don't have to be a superhero and you don't have to save the world all by yourself, where nothing is expected of you except that you just be.

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WINTER is a dreamy indie rock band whose sound was conceived in Boston, and is now based in Los Angeles. The quartet released their first full-length album, “Supreme Blue Dream,” via Lolipop Records in 2015. The aptly titled album floats on with a youthful sense of nostalgia and romanticized segues into adulthood. Touching on not one, but two languages (English and Portuguese), this bi-lingual group of dreamers do their part to lay us down softly while keeping listeners eager for each tune. Winter aspires to connect others with their inner child by making blissful, beautiful and ethereal pop music.

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LUNG is a two-piece rock band comprised of Kate Wakefield (electric cello and vocals) and Daisy Caplan (drums). Their sound is dark and commanding, evoking the driving sludge of early grunge/post rock with layered sinister undertones. Since their first performance in April 2016, the duo has played over 400 shows across the US, Canada, and Mexico. In 2017, their initial full-length independent release ‘Bottom of the Barrel’ was met with acclaim from publications such as; New Noise Magazine and The Fire Note. They’re one of Daytrotter’s ‘Top 100 bands for 2018’ and worked the crowd into a frenzy at their SXSW 2018 Official Showcase.

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Tin Armor.jpg

TIN ARMOR is a DIY rock band formed in 2006. “Born Hollow,” their fourth and final full-length release is due out this spring.

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Joey Aich.jpg

JOEY AICH was named one of Cleveland Scene Magazine's "21 Acts To Pay Attention To In The New Year." He has also performed with the likes of Asher Roth, Curren$y, Cal Scruby, Super Duper Kyle!, and many others. Having garnered a significant amount of attention off of his recent project “If Money Grew On Trees,” Joey Aich continues to remain on the radar of up-and-coming Midwestern lyricists.

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“[DIDI] play a form of noise-pop reminiscent of ’80s college-rock heroes Sonic Youth and Pixies but spiked with the modern DIY spirit of Swearin’ and the intersectional perspective of a lineup that counts Japan, Colombia, and Mexico in its collective lineage.” —Stereogum

didi found one another on the edges of the music scene in Columbus, Ohio. Weaving space and chaos with the intricacies of life, they express feeling through driven noisy pop songs both abrasive and sweet.

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SOUTHER boldly fuses the raw with the refined, mashing frenzied blues guitar and unflinchingly honest lyrics against deep, dynamic grooves. Carly Fratianne delivers impassioned, earnest vocals over a rich array of tones and rhythms, rendering their live show an experience as musically impressive as it is emotionally compelling.

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