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Pumped to have the Kenyon Review at Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair!

eric obenauf

Real super-duper excited that the Kenyon Review will be taking part in Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair!

The Kenyon Review dates back to 1939, evolving from a distinguished literary magazine to a pre-eminent arts organization. Recently, readers may have spotted stories or poems from the likes of Charles Baxter, T.C. Boyle, Joyce Carol Oates, Mary Ruefle, George Saunders, Solmaz Sharif, Safiya Sinclair, and Javier Zamora.

Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair is Saturday, May 13 from 11am - 5pm. It is FREE. It will include panel discussions about craftivism, library programming, Appalachian roots, zine culture, and more. It is FREE. There will be a music set from Cloud Cover. It is FREE. There will be author readings, and more.

For a full list of all the indie presses, record labels, and booksellers who will be attending, check the page.

2 Questions with Dirty Dishes

eric obenauf

Dirty Dishes is a tremendous band that we're thrilled to be bringing back to Columbus to perform at The Flyover Fest. They're on the bill on Friday night, May 12, at the Pabst Stage, alongside Leggy, WV White, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, and Correy Parks. (Get yo tix or passes now!) Not only that, frontwoman Jenny Tuite will performing solo as Cloud Cover at Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair on Saturday, May 13.

Here are two questions with Dirty Dishes:

Q: You recently released a 7" with UK label Punk Fox Records, sold almost exclusively in the UK. How did that opportunity come about? Did you feel any disconnect with the record being sold mostly overseas? Any UK tour plans?

Punk Fox is an awesome little UK label that does exclusively 7” physical releases only. They do it as a labor of love, and are concerned only about the music they put out, not the image or how well they think it will sell. In fact they usually don’t even include the name of the band on the front cover, they just want people to happen upon it in stores and be intrigued enough to take a chance on it, so they make it really about the listener and getting good music out there. They hit us up after our Nylon feature last summer and said they wanted to do a release. I thought it was an awesome opportunity, not only because I loved how the label was run, but because it gave us an opportunity to provide a release to our UK fans. We’ve had some people over there that have listened to us and supported us for a long time, and have had to pay around $20 or more in shipping just to order our record which I think is awful! I feel so bad every time we have to tell people how much overseas shipping is. So finally this was a way to have something available to them, as well as to an audience of new people that otherwise wouldn’t have been reached. We would absolutely love to tour over there, we’ve been trying to figure out logistically how we can make that happen.

Q: You were on a pretty lengthy tour in March, how was that experience? What do you like to read / listen to / do to pass time on the road?

That’s such a good question! We spend so much time in a van just sitting and not getting a lot of sleep on tour. It can make you feel like you’re going a bit brain dead. I like to listen to Podcasts and audiobooks in attempt to stay lucid. There’s a really good podcast called “She Does” that matches an artist with a musician really well and do episodes based around that. The interviewers are Elaine Sheldon and Sarah Ginsburg, who are both wonderful documentary filmmakers. I follow Open Culture on twitter which is always posting really fascinating things to listen to. Recently our pal Cliff that has a radio show out of Pensacola sent us a ton of books and audiobooks to listen too. We have a P.O. box now so people have been sending us cool stuff! He gave me a few books last time we were on tour there too, so cool. Long car rides give us a chance to check out new albums in full, or catch up on albums we’ve been meaning to listen to. We spent a good amount or time listening to Autolux and Radiohead. When we run out of ideas we listen to random stuff on Spotify, but we don’t like that it posts publicly what you listen to, because sometimes we’ll end up listening to weird stuff if we have to get through a long late night drive. I’m pretty sure Jock Jams happened a few times.  

Dirty Dishes will be performing Friday night, May 12, at the Pabst Stage, alongside Leggy, WV White, Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib, and Correy Parks. (Get yo tix or passes now!)

WV White to play The Flyover Fest!

eric obenauf

Pretty pumped—nay, ecstatic!—to share the news that WV White will be performing at the first-ever The Flyover Fest, taking place in only a few short weeks.

WV White just dropped a new album, House of the Spiritual Athletes, on Columbus' Anyway Records (who will also be appearing at Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair on Saturday, May 13). NPR digs the album, earmarking the album as "a band hone[d] in on its sound for the foreseeable future."

You'll be able to catch WV White performing on Friday, May 12, at the Pabst Stage at Spacebar, alongside the likes of Dirty Dishes, Leggy, Correy Parks, and writer Hanif Willis-Abdurraqib.

Get your 1-night Friday ticket now for $8/advance.

Get yourself a deluxe All-Access Pass for $24.99 so you don't miss out on any of the shows or authors appearing at the fest.

2 Questions with Belt publisher, Anne Trubek!

eric obenauf

We wanted to take a moment to spotlight one of the terrific presses that we have coming to Columbus for Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair, which is FREE, and will take place Saturday, May 13 from 11am - 5pm.

In addition to independent publishers showing off their wares, we'll also have record labels joining us, panel discussions, music sets, author readings, magic, and it's all FREE and open to the public.

Today, we wanted to introduce you to Belt, a press based in Cleveland, through two questions with their publisher, Anne Trubek.

Q: What is Belt?

Belt is an independent small press publishing quality non-fiction about the Midwest. Founded in 2013, we have published eight city anthologies, in which residents of Rust Belt cities tell the stories of their cities, from the inside-out. Our Notches imprint showcases great writing in shorter books on topics such as Midwestern speech, literature, environmentalism, history and politics. We also have an online magazine that publishes Rust Belt journalism. Both the press and the magazine believe in quality over quantity and community over analytics.

Q: What do you enjoy or find inspiring about operating Belt out of Ohio?

There are so many opportunities here. Belt was founded for one simple reason: there was a gap, and we felt we could fill it. There are so many important stories about this region that have never been told or have been forgotten. The community understands the importance of what we are doing, and cheers us on at every stage. It's inspiring, gratifying, and fun.

Catch Belt and pick up some of their publications at Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair on Saturday, May 13, any time from 11am - 5pm. The fair is FREE, so, no excuses!

Way Yes joins The Flyover Fest!

eric obenauf

We've got some scintillating news to share, and that's that "psych folk shamans" Way Yes will be performing at The Flyover Fest!

You heard that right: On Saturday, May 13, Way Yes will perform alongside Connections, Vada Azeem, and Dominique Larue, as well as writers Sarah Gerard and Juliet Escoria at the Pabst Stage at Spacebar.

Way Yes is an experimental Columbus-based band whose sound has been compared to Animal Collective and Vampire Weekend, but is entirely singular. Their debut album, Tog Pebbles, which features eclectic pop riffs and diverse sampling was described by the Alive as "an all-consuming world of sound." Oh, yes.

Check their *hot* video below for "Holy Drop," which features segways, books on fungi, Magic, and a dance circle (all in 1 video!).

Get yourself an All-Access Pass now for all the music goodies, a book, and swag for $24.99.

Get a ticket to Saturday night's show at the Pabst Stage for $8/advance.

New Adds to the Indie Book & Music Fair!

eric obenauf

We couldn't be more excited for the new additions to Jeni's Splendid Indie Book & Music Fair, taking place from 11am - 5pm on Saturday, May 13, at Used Kids Records, Wild Goose Creative, and Rambling House Soda Pop.

Please note: the Indie Book & Music Fair is FREE! It is FREE and open to the public. The panel discussions that take place during the fair are FREE. The music sets during the fair are FREE. The author readings during the fair are FREE.

On the book side of things, joining some of our fav indie presses like Coach House Books, Dorothy, a publishing project, and Hobart, we're pleased to welcome celebrated Louisville-based publisher, Sarabande Books, home of some of the most exciting fiction, story collections, and essays being published today. Also, the sibling-run Disorder Press, publisher of fiction, essays, and poetry and operated out of NYC and New Orleans, is going to be joining us.

Expanding from books and into music, we've included some hot record labels as well, including iconic Columbus label, Anyway Records, the rad New Jersey-based home of Screaming Females and Waxahatchee, Don Giovanni Records (who also publishes books!), and Columbus-based micro-labels, Amethyst Sunset and Cabin Floor Esoterica.

Mark your calendars for the all-day Indie Book & Music Fair, presented by the good folks at Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams, because it's gonna be incredible.

2 Questions with Sarah Gerard

eric obenauf

Next week, Sarah Gerard is out with a new book, a collection of essays titled Sunshine State that has been placed on most anticipated lists everywhere from the Chicago Tribune to Buzzfeed. An early review in the New York Times says that Gerard's non-fiction work belongs "in the company of acclaimed writers like John Jeremiah Sullivan and Leslie Jamison," which is quite the lofty praise. In anticipation of her appearance next month at The Flyover Fest, we asked her two questions.

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